Solicitud a la Unión Europea de incluir a la maravillosa pradera de “Los Carriles” en la red Natura 2000

Acabo de solicitar a la Unión Europea de incluir a la zona “Los Carriles” en una red de zonas protegidas llamada “Natura 2000”:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
   Hereby, I propose a zone of the city of Alcobendas, to the north of Spain’s capital, to be included in the Nature 2000 network. The zone is called “Los Carriles” and has an extension of more than two hundred hectar[e]s. It is covered by a meadow and inhabited or visited by wild animals and plants. The populations of the species that can be encountered there are in retrocession on European level and several among those species – insects and birds of prey – are threatened by extinction. The zone is adjacent to a small natural reserve called “Dehesa de Valdelatas”.
The zone is currently under threat of an urbanization project promoted by the municipal government of Alcobendas. An assessment of the environmental impact of a realization of that project is currently being conducted by the regional government’s environmental department (Dirección General de Medio Ambiente de la Comunidad de Madrid). That department had previously given green light to the urbanization project. The new assessment is due to protest by residents of Madrid city, the towns of Alcobendas and San Sebastián de los Reyes and other towns against the urbanization project.
Miembros de la Plataforma Salvemos el Monte de Valdelatas hemos recogido 1,900 firmas contra la realización del proyecto urbanístico (ver posts del 26/10/2016 y del 6/5/2017). Hubo varias manifestaciones contra el proyecto urbanístico (ver posts del 17/4/2016, del 19/11/2016, del 18/1/2017 y del 26/4/2017). El “Defensor del Pueblo” está actuando en favor del proyecto urbanístico (ver posts del 18/4/2017, del 8/5/2017 y del 16/5/2017).

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